How to use the blend

Separation anxiety
For best result start by applying the blend for a couple of days while at home with the dog. That way the scent will be connected to you being home instead of you leaving. When you do have to leave, apply the blend 10-20 minutes before heading out giving it time to start working. If you crate your dog then the blend can be dripped on the bedding to make the scent stay with the dog for extended periods of time. If your dog wears a Thundershirt, the blend can be applied to that or dripped on a cotton collar to prolong the effect.

Fear of thunder
Apply My Peaceful Paws as soon as you notice the dog getting restless. The blend takes about 15 minutes to start working, however some dogs respond faster. The blend can be reapplied as needed but don’t overuse.

Stressful situations, vet visits etc.
Apply before getting the dog in the car to let the blend be effective 
when you arrive at the vet, training classes etc. If having company 
over and that stresses your dog out, then apply the blend about 
20 minutes before they arrive.

Aging dogs
Some dogs as they age get confused and unsure of their surroundings and have a hard time settling in at night time. Apply the blend when they start to get anxious in the evening. This is not a cure by any means, but it can help the dog sleep more calmly and be less scared.

Apply 15-30 minutes before grooming a nervous dog. Sometimes applying the blend to the paw pads works best as you might be bathing the dog,and cutting the fur where the oil is otherwise applied. You can also put the blend on your wrists as your hands will be at the dogs face and you will smell calming to the dog.

Shelter and rescue
The blend has proven very effective with shelter dogs. If a dog is anxious about the dogs in the kennels next to them - apply to the “neighbor” dogs too. You can also apply the blend to your wrist when handling a nervous dog. That way everyone who handles the dog smells “safe”.

*Please remember that aromatherapy doesn't replace veterinary care. Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products shown are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.